Tanner Williams Library Media Center


Kerra Middleton

Phone: (251) 221-1681


Rounding Up Great Resources at Tanner Williams Elementary

Library Media Program Mission

The library media program will enable individuals to become information literate and effective lifelong readers. The program provides educational and technological opportunities to students and staff in keeping with their needs and abilities. The program enables individuals to access, analyze, assimilate, and use information effectively. Collaborative planning between library media specialists and teachers is essential to ensure that the library media program is fully integrated into each school's instructional program. Media specialists take the lead in the use of technology by maintaining the expertise necessary to evaluate, select, manage and use emerging technologies and by facilitating their full integration into the curriculum. Our library program supports and enriches Project Based Learning.

The media center at Tanner Williams Elementary is focused on developing life-long learners. Students are taught integrated lessons to incorporate classroom content with library and research skills and technology. Common Core Standards are embedded in library lessons, projects, and activities.





Our third through fifth graders are using Code.org to learn more about computer programing. Our kindergarten through second graders are using Scratch, Jr.

pics4learningStudents can search and save photographs for digital projects. Remember to cite www.pics4learning.com as your source. 

Dynamic Learning -Parent ResourcesWe invite all Alabama parents to register for APTPLUS™ to access educational content from multiple databases. This is a FREE resource for all Alabama teachers, parents, childcare providers and community organizations.
Learn ZillionResources for reading, language arts and math. Sign-up for a free account. 

Access our new on-line catalog by following the link to Atrium click on school name in the next sentence. Tanner Williams Elem OPAC